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The SmartKlub team provide a wealth of experience in the Community Energy and Smart Cities sectors. It’s from their own first-hand experience in the industry that SmartKlub was conceived.

The founders noticed that, despite local authorities across the UK looking for alternative ways to meet their unique energy needs that directly benefits citizens, the market was failing to provide integrated community energy projects.

With the increasing affordability of both community scale renewable energy and smart technology, all that’s missing is the integrated business models.  Meet the team that has solved that issue.

Meet The Team


Charles Bradshaw-Smith.
Co-CEO & Operations

Charles created the SmartKlub concept after writing E.ON’s Smart City strategy by realising new business models were required to make local energy a reality.  His 10 years energy innovation experience was used to marry system thinking with local energy to build resilient smart communities.


David Morgan. Co-CEO
& Business Development

David founded SmartKlub to build community lead empowerment platforms that create collective action projects and knowledge sharing (see CAPE). David builds on his  Sustainable Cities Concept & PPP Investment career for  big 6 Energy Co. Over £400 million PPP services launched.


Ash Gupta. Head of SmartKlub Scotland & e-mobility solutions

Ash heads up SmartKlub in Scotland using his success in seeding and growing market transformational, low carbon technologies. These include: sustainable lighting for hazardous and industrial areas, 20 years of e-mobility solutions and cyber security for Smart Cities and the IoT.

daver bio pic

David Reynolds. Head of
East Anglia & Smart Cities

Dave is responsible for SmartKlub’s Smart Cities and IoT strategy and heads our East Anglian network. He brings over thirty years of Innovative and analytical business transformation expertise at BT focusing on applied complex large system integration and IT strategy.

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