SmartKlub assists UK:100 in ground breaking green finance report

Community energy policy experts UK:100 have published a ground breaking report “Accelerating the Rate of Investment in Local Energy Projects“. UK100 is the voice of leading Local Authorities on sustainability and is used by central government to advise on green policies. This report recommends UK Govt. establishes a new Net Zero Development Bank funded by £5bn in order to unlock £100bn in private capital. This will be the catalyst to a boom in much needed local energy projects to establish low carbon living in UK cities. The report has received a warm response from Treasury and BEIS.

SmartKlub’s work at Trent Basin in Nottingham is featured in the report as an exemplar project. Charles Bradshaw-Smith, co-CEO SmartKlub was interviewed by the report’s authors as one of 21 experts around the UK influencing necessary policy initiatives.

The report can be downloaded here.