SmartKlub Win Ofgem Sandbox Trial

SmartKlub are proud to announce that they have won two of only four Ofgem sandbox trials awarded in 2018.

One of the trials will enable SmartKlub and University of Nottingham to create more value in their groundbreaking Community ESCO project at Trent Basin, Nottingham (link to project SCENe). Project SCENe’s goal is install renewables in a hassle free way for developers and residents alike, in order to reduce carbon and energy costs for homebuyers.

SmartKlub Co-CEO Charles Bradshaw-Smith said “We are very pleased to have worked with Ofgem to gain this derogation. It means we can trial a customer proposition where residents get full value for their onsite renewables while having a favourable supplier tariff too. SmartKlub will manage the price arbitrage and billing complexity on their behalf.”