5 Reasons Why You Should be Part of a Community Energy Scheme

Community Energy is slowly growing across the country. If you have never heard about it, it would not come as a surprise, even though the concept has been acknowledged  for the last past 10 years. After all, the Community Energy Strategy was only proposed in 2014 when the Department of Energy and Climate Change presented a report listing the evidence of its benefits and looking forward to future pathways of success. But why should you even consider it? In truth, there are several benefits for anyone who would like to participate in one community scheme. And the best of it? You don’t really need to be an expert in energy technology, just to have the right motivation to make things happen and take control of what is happening around you.

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Community Energy covers aspects of collective action to reduce, purchase, manage and generate energy. There are many examples of community energy projects across the UK, with at least 5000 community groups undertaking energy initiatives in the last five years: group-investment in renewable energy, group supporting energy efficiency measures, collective switching of gas/electricity suppliers, educational initiatives to raise awareness, etc. Perhaps there is a group doing great things right on the other side of the street and you don’t even know it! There is potential and space for you to kick-start a project with your family, friends or neighbours in order to achieve success. OK let’s see how you can unlock 5 benefits to improve your life:  

1) Reduce your energy costs

If your jaw drops every time you receive your energy bill at the end of the month, you might consider alternatives to your energy consumption. And if investing in a new energy system or changing all your light bulbs is too much for you, teaming up with someone else and group buy might be the best solution. You share the costs and the benefits and no more surprises at the end of the month!

2) Promote Sustainable Behaviour

For the environmental-conscious out there, here is a chance for you to spark the change you want to see in the world. Investing in renewable energy has become a norm and if you convince others to join in, you are taking steps forward to a cleaner energy generation scenario. Schools, for example, are doing a great job in transmitting to their students sustainable behaviour by setting the example when they create initiatives which help to promote the environment.

3) Fight Fuel Poverty

According The Guardian, “more than 2.3m families live in fuel poverty in England” in 2016. (read full article here). The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is also onside. It launched a £5m fund last year for local authorities to develop collective-switching schemes, and more recently announced a £900,000 Big Energy Saving Network to train volunteers to help consumers, particularly the most vulnerable, get the best deals. DECC says collective switching is just one of a set of tools to help communities manage their energy costs.

4) Learn something new

If you feel like sometimes you don’t have control of what is happening around you, think again! Community Energy is a great place for you to learn new skills such as project management, finances, energy, among others. Deploying a project doesn’t necessarily need to be hard, little things matter and if you gather the right team and sources around you, you have powerful tools to create something unique.

5) Have fun, you are not alone!

And most importantly, have fun! Meeting new people, taking challenges and contributing to the social well-being are only some of the few personal benefits which come along with Community Energy schemes. Energy doesn’t need to complicated or under the umbrella of big companies. You too have the resources to be creative and the support is out there. Get more information from your local council and search for initiatives in your area.

All in all, five powerful reasons which are enough to release your future potential! Do not forget to help SmartKlub in our market research and we promise to help you!


Solar PV technology is a simple and effective solution which communities deploy in order to reduce their energy costs and collect financial and social benefits


Author: Rafael Bartolomeu Martins
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