SmartKlub Innovation: The Energy Cloud is transforming the Energy Sector

Consumers are becoming “smarter”. They generate their own power, sell it back into the grid, plug in their electric vehicles and eventually, will be able to exchange energy from peer-to-peer using blockchain technology. They require new services, products, innovative business models and front and back-office customer operations. And here is where Smartklub cloud innovations make the difference and add value.

SmartKlub is developing community-wide cloud services to bring renewable energy and retrofit into everybody’s homes and businesses. Head of Smart Cities IoT, David Reynolds of SmartKlub said “We bring the worlds of Smart Energy and City Partnerships together with Telco/ IoT and Cloud solutions to make every home connected to smarter energy choices”. And for David Morgan, co-CEO of SmartKlub, “This is a great step forward in achieving new solutions which can be capitalised on to create a solid foundation for Community Energy businesses”.

Distributed energy resources and renewables continue to grow exponentially globally as they are driven by expanding customer choices and a rapidly changing technology landscape. As a result, utilities’ customer relationships will be highly affected and the complexity of their operations will increase considering the fact that distributed, intermittent, renewable energy resources spread and the grid becomes more and more digitalised (detailed in Forbes’ article The ‘Energy Cloud’ is Transforming the Power Sector)