SmartKlub Scotland Launches in May

SmartKlub is pleased to announce that it has established SmartKlub Scotland.  Devolved Scotland is particularly well suited and motivated to establish localised energy generation and storage in the community.   

This extends SmartKlub’s reach beyond its existing territories in England and Wales including city partnerships in Leeds, Milton Keynes and Nottingham.  SmartKlub sees this as a major step forward.

SmartKlub Scotland will be run by Ash Gupta, founder of The Gupta Partnership and its low carbon technology extension, Gupta Smart Energy.  Ash has an impressive track record in seeding and promoting smart energy and low carbon market transformational technologies through projects within Scotland’s utilities, ports and cities. 

Over recent years Ash has worked on the seeding of a brand-new energy generation system called DifGen with Scottish Water; worked to encourage the adoption of low carbon transport via Ford and the BMW i-Brand vehicles; and the proliferation of low carbon LED lighting for industrial and hazardous areas.  Ash is also a director and shareholder of one of Europe’s largest zero-energy, eco-home developments, Glendale Ecohomes, an EU project developed in conjunction with Electric Corby. 

SmartKlub Scotland will focus on establishing links with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities and local low carbon technology suppliers to roll out its community energy platform – CAPE.  In addition, SmartKlub’s ESCO model will work well with housing developers and housing associations. 

Charles Bradshaw-Smith, co-CEO of SmartKlub says “I am delighted that SmartKlub now has a presence in Scotland where the innovation culture and our breakthrough energy services are very well suited.” 

Ash Gupta Head of SmartKlub Scotland said, “I have previously worked with Charles on early e2g projects when he was in the European energy sector. Timing is often the key, and right now there are real, affordable solutions for distributed energy and storage ranging from hydrogen based solutions such as HFCs to Lithium Battery arrays . The emergence of the IOT and smart cities will enable many thus-far untried energy solutions to emerge. “

SmartKlub Scotland will be launched at the annual Low Carbon Energy Scotland event on 23 May 2017 (see this link), where you can meet both Charles and Ash.

Dave Morgan co-CEO of SmartKlub and previous chair of Low Carbon Scotland says “We had many requests to collaborate as an outcome of last year’s conference. Enquiries came from Scottish based universities, cities and suppliers. SmartKlub Scotland will allow us to accelerate these partnerships.”

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