Charles Bradshaw-Smith Invited to Join City Standards Steering Group

FCCLogoCharles Bradshaw-Smith, CEO of SmartKlub, has recently been working with the Future Cities Catapult’s City Standards Institute, focusing on the Smart City’s need for exchange of operational and commercial decision making data, including energy data.

The result will be PAS 183 “Guide to establishing a decision making framework for data sharing and information services”.

Getting this right will enable non-proprietary open standards to be established thereby preparing the ground for accelerated investment into smart systems, because investors know their ideas can freely connect and play a part in the modular world of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).  This is especially true for SmartKlub’s specialism of accelerating the use of Distributed Energy in our cities in order to build social capital and community resilience.

The CitBSILogoy Standards Institute is undertaking this work under the British Standards Institute (BSI).  PAS 183 is the latest in a suite of excellent Smart City standards by BSI.  For more understanding of these, please see our recent blog here.