Co-Production Innovation & Tower-blocks

The first SmartKlub Leeds Co-Production event was held on the 5th May: We welcomed 60 members of the smart club Leeds community, who came together to work upon a plan and strategy for the 120 Tower-blocks within Housing Leeds’ ownership & management and also consider its £85M per annum capital spend.

All Within the principles of SmartKlub Leeds which are to; save carbon, beat fuel poverty & have a sound business case.

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Background to the event & SmartKlub was provided By Paul Connell SmartKlub. this is his presentation.

Mark Grandfield of Housing Leeds (LCC) shared with us the background and reasoning for housing needs to focus upon their towerblock assets and also their linked housing assets in Leeds, this is his presentation.

The work!

So to work – we used an adapted version of the cognitive edge technique ritual dissent which is a workshop method designed to test and enhance proposals, stories, ideas or whatever by subjecting them to ritualised dissent (challenge) or assent (positive alternatives).  It certainly made us work but also provided fun and four excellent outputs. You can find them collated and presented here on this link  SmartKlubCo-ProductionNotes11.05.15, if you’d like to comment on these outputs please do so in the comment box of the box bottom of this blog.

The first thing is to apologise that this has taken a while to get online however that’s a good thing, because we’ve been including the findings of the c0-production notes into the thinking of Housing Leeds and how they manage their assets. This has resulted in a current advisory and design assignment being extended from just how we connect community energy infrastructure to the tower blocks, to include data collection and assessment of how all of the tower blocks could have any energy efficiency generation and connectivity included in the asset management program.

This programme of work is scheduled to be completed before Christmas 2015 but interim findings and also consultation will be completed with small club Leeds during the project – which allows to get visibility on potential projects at a much earlier stage than might usually be expected.

We we have also been able to open discussions around the provision of free Wi-Fi to 20 Tower blocks and we expect a project run energy monitoring communication and efficiency to be developed in the short term we will of course director membership a small club to this opportunity.

In terms of follow-on projects how energy is managed on the councils own new build programme and the new build programme schedule to Leeds is something that we’ve only just been able to start conversations however how are houses in the future can be connected to the energy sources and monitoring management technology is something we expect subsequent smart club work to be focused upon.

Next SmartKlub.

Save the date 29th of July – at audio Leeds in the morning watch this space for more details.

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