SmartKlub supports finance initiative for European energy projects

SmartKlub announces that it is an official ally of the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe, which enables a market for investor ready energy efficiency projects.

ICP reduces the transaction costs and engineering overhead for building renovation projects, while increasing the reliability and consistency of savings. It leverages best practices for each phase of an energy retrofit.

Charles Bradshaw-Smith, CEO of SmartKlub was a key voice in the movement to solve the high costs of finance in this sector and to use the US model as a basis for this.

Says Panama Bartholomy, ICP Europe Director; “Charles’ market experience and skill and the innovative approach of SmartKlub to project facilitation is some of the best that the energy sector has to offer. We are delighted that they have joined our leadership team and look forward to working with them to help the flow of capital to energy efficiency projects across the UK and beyond.”

Says Bradshaw-Smith; “ICP has brought the US market together to develop guidelines for building energy renovations that increase investment. Now it is time to do the same for the European market, using European and national standards, to make our renovation sector more investable.”

‘The short term benefits for the energy sector will be a greater flow of deals with reduced transaction costs and more market confidence in energy savings and performance risk.

“In the longer term, ICP Europe will help establish energy efficiency as a new and profitable global asset class. This will lead to a commercial building sector with lower operating costs, higher market value and a significantly lower carbon footprint.”

Bradshaw-Smith has been invited to join ICP Europe’s steering group and concludes; “I am very much looking forward to SmartKlub helping city based projects become early adopters of the new model to save costs and increase project flow for both residential and business communities.”

Members of SmartKlub can become allies of ICP Europe through the link: