Siemens supports SmartKlub trial

Siemens is supporting the feasibility study of SmartKlub’s business model through its involvement in SmartKlub Leeds and by agreeing to host the official SmartKlub launch on July 8th in its Crystal Building, London.

Says Paul Brodrick, Head of Smart Grid Applications & Solutions for Siemens, “While there is a desire by all of those interested in smart city energy systems, there is clearly a need for more collaboration between the parties involved.

SmartKlub recognises the differing needs of stakeholders and aims to bring them together to both discover and then implement actual projects for the benefit of all. We fully support this initiative and are currently exploring how we can get even more involved.”

Says Charles Bradshaw-Smith, CEO of SmartKlub, “A huge number of cities, communities and businesses all recognise the benefits of more regionalised smart energy to reduce cost and the carbon footprint. The problem has always been to bring these disparate groups together for the benefit of all.

SmartKlub makes it easier to identify and then implement individual projects by providing a platform where all of the stakeholders can communicate. It also enables us all to learn and benchmark best practice for the future.

Siemens support and interest validates our approach. It is also worth noting that in addition to starting this process with Leeds, a number of other cities and civic authorities have expressed a real interest in our approach and we expect to be making a number of major announcements in the near future.”