5 Reasons Why You Should be Part of a Community Energy Scheme

enter Community Energy is slowly growing across the country. If you have never heard about it, it would not come as a surprise, even though the concept has been acknowledged  for the last past 10 years. After all, the Community Energy Strategy was only proposed in 2014 when the Department of Energy and Climate Change presented[…]

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My Internship with SmartKlub – Joanna Davies

go site Some background I joined SmartKlub soon after I graduated with a degree in Physical Geography from the University of Bristol. Having always had an interest in the environment, climate change and sustainability SmartKlub offered an exciting opportunity to apply my interests in a 6 month internship. What did you do with SmartKlub? My internship was[…]

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Carbon Neutral by 2025: is Copenhagen the Smartest City?

go here Copenhagen has set a target to become the first carbon neutral capital city in the world by 2025. The city is already meeting these targets; the mid term goal, to reduce emissions by 20% by 2015, was achieved in 2011.  In 2014 Copenhagen received the European Green Capital award and has made impressive steps towards[…]

Energy Time Bomb for UK’s Ageing Population

follow The UK’s population is ageing. This will put more pressure on public health services, pension demand, the economy and social care. But what does this mean for the UK’s domestic energy demand? Energy demand in the home is influenced by a number of factors; building characteristics, investment in energy efficiency measures and socio-economic and demographic[…]

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Small Energy Savings can Deliver Large Strategic Outcomes

http://ibeglobal.com/?milno=site-de-rencontres-amicales-au-f%C3%A9minin&fc5=d0 Investing in retrofit measures and energy generation reduces the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels, a centralised energy system and international gas imports. Removing some of the pressures put on energy systems, especially during peak times, can deliver economic benefits and create resilience for governments, energy providers and households. Between 2004 and 2013 the average annual[…]

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A Watt in Time Saves Nine: How saving energy improves financial security

http://mhs.se/images/robots.txt.php?z3=ZmFkWEliLnBocA== As described in SmartKlub’s previous blogs there are social, economic and environmental benefits to upgrading the UK’s housing stock to improve energy efficiency levels. The upfront costs of retrofit can be off-putting to landlords. However, this blog shows how landlords and mortgage lenders can economically benefit from more energy efficient homes. In the UK it[…]

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£1 in every £4 spent on heating in the UK estimated to be wasted

source site Currently, around a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from the domestic housing stock. Furthermore, it has been estimated that £1 in every £4 spent on heating in the UK is wasted. Community retrofit projects have the potential to reduce the amount of energy wasted and therefore reduce carbon emissions from homes. Improving[…]

Can community energy reduce rising energy price fears?

binary options demo account no sign up According to Kingfisher’s 2014 European Home Report, in which 17,000 people across 9 European countries were surveyed, rising energy prices are one of the biggest fears to households across Europe. The report found that 65% fearing rising energy prices and 40% worrying about paying bills. Initial costs of energy retrofit in homes can be off[…]

Cold homes cost the NHS £1.36 billion every year

binäre option paysafecard Respiratory, cardiovascular diseases and mental health issues can be triggered, and made worse, from living in cold homes. As a result, cold related illnesses caused by energy inefficient homes cost the NHS millions each year. In fact, it has been calculated by Age UK  that cold homes cost the NHS in England £1.36 billion annually[…]

25,000 estimated to die in the UK as a result of living in cold temperatures

source site The link between poorly heated homes and human health is stark: it is estimated that 25,000 people die each year in the UK as a result of living in cold temperatures. Cold homes can trigger respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and have been linked to mental health issues. Residents living in temperatures above  21 degrees are[…]