5 Reasons Why You Should be Part of a Community Energy Scheme

Community Energy is slowly growing across the country. If you have never heard about it, it would not come as a surprise, even though the concept has been acknowledged  for the last past 10 years. After all, the Community Energy Strategy was only proposed in 2014 when the Department of Energy and Climate Change presented[…]

The Smartest City? Hamburg

By 2050 the World Health Organisation estimates that the global urban population will have doubled. As populations grow and resources become stretched smart cities offer solutions to manage assets, resources and meet resident’s needs at a local level. By boosting connectivity and knowledge sharing, smart cities can create sustainable places to live. Over the next[…]

Can community energy reduce rising energy price fears?

According to Kingfisher’s 2014 European Home Report, in which 17,000 people across 9 European countries were surveyed, rising energy prices are one of the biggest fears to households across Europe. The report found that 65% fearing rising energy prices and 40% worrying about paying bills. Initial costs of energy retrofit in homes can be off[…]