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go site SCENe logoSmartKlub is pleased to announce its success in winning a major new Innovate UK funded research project.  Called Project SCENe (Sustainable Community Energy Networks), the aim of the project is to accelerate the adoption of “off grid” energy in the UK (i.e. minimised use of the national grid). SmartKlub and its collaborators will achieve this by creating a low carbon residential housing development in the Trent Basin area of Nottingham. Project SCENe is underpinned by research from the University of Nottingham and was created from learnings developed in 4 key projects: The Creative Energy Homes, TURAS, TSB Building Performance Evaluation at the Green Street and Project SENSIBLE.


الخيار ثنائي glassdoor SmartKlub’s role is to pioneer a Community Energy Services Company (CESCO) for the homebuyers using a special tariff that combines onsite renewable generation with off peak electricity by making use of battery storage.  A current barrier to large scale adoption of CESCOs is their complex bespoke nature yet small scale.  Project SCENe will simplify this by creating templates for key aspects of any development: the right customer experience, technology pick ‘n mix and the all important commercials.  These can then be used by future developments elsewhere in the UK.

go site scene_partners.pngProject SCENe is a collaboration between best in class partners:

  • A.T. Kearney, Siemens and Blueprint for proven experience
  • SmartKlub, Stickyworld, Urbed, Solar Ready and Slam Jam for exciting innovation
  • University of Nottingham and Loughborough University for top academic insights. توصيات الاسهم السعودية مجانا The project will complete in July 2018.

go site الفوركس خطوة بخطوة How can I find out more?


see Project SCENe website here.اسهم-للبيع Trent Basin Development website here.

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