SmartKlub Leeds

Leeds is our first SmartKlub creating real projects for real people to demonstrate and perfect the model. It is an open collaboration between SmartKlub, Leeds City Council and the energy supply chain of the City of Leeds. It is already funded for 12 months from April 2015 with a target to operate for many years. Its core principles are to Save Carbon, Beat Fuel Poverty, Have a Sound Business Case.

It has been established to turn the collective intelligence of the city into a successful project pipeline of energy projects for the City.

Over 2013-14, Leeds City Council held a series of meetings & workshops – The Leeds Energy Forum. This helped shape the strategic understanding of Leeds CC in terms of its challenges and possible solutions for Energy & Carbon at City Scale. SmartKlub is the next stage of a process that will develop the understanding into a programme of projects.

It will use a combination of co-creation events, SmartKlub digital platforms and the power of the Leeds network to build a city scale energy system for the City, its Citizens and Businesses.

We have agreed a Charter that will guide our work in Leeds which can be downloaded here: SmartKlub Leeds Charter Final – April 2015.

To watch the video explaining how SmartKlub works, and to see reactions from participants at a SmartKlub Leeds event, click here.