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SmartKlub Open for Business in ScotlandFlag_of_Scotland

Charles Bradshaw-Smith launched SmartKlub Scotland in Edinburgh at the Low Carbon Scotland conference in front of Paul Wheelhouse, SNP MSP Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy.

SmartKlub chaired two sessions during Scotland’s leading conference for local authorities and energy service providers.  In the opening session, Charles explained SmartKlub’s services including their revolutionary CAPE platform and ESCO community offer to city councils. Click clinks for more details.

In the afternoon, Ash Gupta, Head of SmartKlub Scotland, introduced himself and the additional services he offers.  Devolved Scotland is particularly well suited and motivated to establish smart localised energy generation and services for their communities.

This extends SmartKlub’s reach beyond its existing territories in England and Wales including city partnerships in Leeds, Milton Keynes and Nottingham.  This is a major step forward in SmartKlub’s development.

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