We make city energy projects happen

SmartKlub connects cities and suppliers in a way that creates innovative energy projects.

Every city, community and project is unique.  So we use our local understanding of the landscape throughout our four phase process – Discovery, Definition, Selection and Delivery – to listen and build what works for each city, place and community.


SMART phases


Ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page from the outset is crucial to the success of every city project. That’s why we always start by consolidating what the city wants to achieve in a simple statement that everyone can get behind. We see the full picture: the city vision and social targets; the existing energy infrastructure; stakeholder roles and needs; and the future energy goals. We also begin exploring potential suppliers to learn how leading solutions can best be applied to meet the city’s goals. For each city that comes on board we create a SmartKlub city franchise led by a dedicated local sponsor. They bring their regional know-how and stakeholder contacts, while accessing our national supplier network, best practice, expert resources and collaboration platforms.


Working with stakeholders, we define and create projects that meet the energy needs of the city. We’re ambitious and supportive, but we also bring a pragmatic approach to the challenges, and to how the city and suppliers can best work together. We’re practical too, favouring fast, short projects that combine to make a big difference rather than grand plans that never get off the ground.


Matching cities and their energy needs with suppliers that best complement them is at the core of what we do. To do this effectively we work with all parties to help write tenders that meet city and supplier objectives, allowing cities to select their supply chains in a transparent and collaborative way.


We’re available to help every project through to delivery, ensuring continuity between previous and future projects. We help set up an ESCO (Energy Service Company), which provides front and back office services across cities to maximise economies of scale and share learnings. And it doesn’t stop there. Smart energy systems are all about building on previous projects, so the SmartKlub business model encourages follow-on projects as know-how and local capability grows to meet the city vision.

SmartKlub Membership
SmartKlub will be officially launched in July 2015 and will then open for membership in Q4 2015. In the meantime, SmartKlub Leeds is free to join for a period of 12 Months from April 2015. The member categories that include a fee allows SmartKlub to develop further city relationships and so create more projects for the supply chain to deliver. SmartKlub is open to all and complies with standard procurement practices.
Civic Member

No membership fee. As the overall SmartKlub sponsor they enjoy the benefits of championing socially Smart solutions in their city, often through an operational ESCO.

City Stakeholder Member

No membership fee. As energy users in the city, these members bring their unique needs to the table, whether representing a public sector organisation, a community or a business. They see their needs met in a way that generates real opportunity, and enjoy the social benefits of every Smart solution in the shape of cost savings, jobs, comfort or sustainability.

Supplier Network Member

With a scalable fee based on company size, membership offers every part of the supply chain visibility of all project flow – for every UK SmartKlub city – in their chosen product or service area. This also comes with access to our collaboration platforms, including best practice case studies.

Co-Creation Member

A needs-based fee for any SmartKlub member that wants to get heavily involved in our famous co-creation events, through sponsorship or participation. These events ensure that the needs of civic and city stakeholders are defined for a given project, and are delivered by the supply chain and its local sub-contractors in a commercially effective way.

SmartKlub is a catalyst for social change

Every city we work with has a vision, not only to save money and take control of how they power themselves, but to help its citizens thrive in a vibrant local economy.

As an organisation with social change at its heart, SmartKlub shares this vision.

There’s a strong social element to every SmartKlub project to ensure citizens benefit from jobs and opportunities, as well as infrastructure. We ensure this from the outset by embedding the city’s social vision in our targets.

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