SmartKlub Chair House of Commons Debate

Charles Bradshaw-Smith, Co-CEO of SmartKlub, chaired a lively debate on The Community Energy Revolution when the city of Nottingham showcased in Parliament the businesses, institutions and projects that have become a pivotal part of the city’s development. SmartKlub was invited to participate due to its partnering in a groundbreaking Community Energy project in Nottingham Trent[…]

Energy Savings Trust feature SmartKlub blog

The renowned Energy Savings Trust have recently featured SmartKlub in one of their blogs following an interview with Charles Bradshaw-Smith co-CEO of SmartKlub. The feature by arch energy efficiency blogger Gary Hartley, is titled “SmartKlub: The community energy club” and can be accessed here. For convenience the blog is also transcribed below: SmartKlub: The community energy[…]

Spine District Heat Network

Leeds City Council has recently launched a large scale district heating tender opportunity. The first project is for the installation of a c6km DHN along with associated infrastructure and equipment (the Spine) that will enable the delivery of heat generated at the Council’s Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (the RERF) through to the city centre,[…]

Leeds District Heating Networks Bidders Day

Bidders Day (Design, Build and Operation of three separate district heating networks) Leeds City Council will run a bidders day to present the project and answer related questions from prospective bidders. This will be attended by officers from Housing Leeds and the Project Management team, including Housing, Legal, Technical and Procurement specialists. We intend to[…]

Smart Meters and Energy Behaviours – technology and people

Smart Meters and Energy Behaviours – Technology and People. In November 2015, about 40 people gathered at ODI in Leeds for a SmartKlub conversation with a difference – this one was part of a live research project:  a collaboration between the sustainability Research Institute at University of Leeds and the City Council.  We had tech[…]

Charles Bradshaw-Smith Invited to Join City Standards Steering Group

Charles Bradshaw-Smith, CEO of SmartKlub, has recently been working with the Future Cities Catapult’s City Standards Institute, focusing on the Smart City’s need for exchange of operational and commercial decision making data, including energy data. The result will be PAS 183 “Guide to establishing a decision making framework for data sharing and information services”. Getting this right[…]

SmartKlub in UK first as satellites are used to identify community energy opportunities

Milton Keynes will be the first city in the UK to host the “Community Action Platform for Energy” (CAPE), a project that uses data, including satellite imagery, to help communities take charge of their own energy needs. This will provide an opportunity for the city’s citizens to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst also cutting energy bills. CAPE will[…]

City Community Energy Made Simple

Cities and local communities could be a step closer to sourcing their own energy production online following SmartKlub’s successful feasibility study for a “Local Energy Marketplace”. The study, part funded by InnovateUK, shows that it is technically feasible to bring willing buyers and sellers together into an online community.  The concept was a winner of[…]