How much do you know about Corporate Social Responsibility?

The principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is that firms should be responsible for the general welfare of society, observing a social contract that extends beyond the commercial contracts they purse to maximise profits. A firm is expected to maximise profits and, taking this into account, following this goal is ethical whereas deviating from it[…]

Finalists at the Community Energy England Awards 2017

  David Morgan CO CEO of SmartKlub said “It was great for CAPE to be recognised by government and Community Energy England. This serves as a real boost to our plans of rolling CAPE out in more cities across the UK, so that communities can benefit from affordable green energy.” CAPE empowers cities and their communities to discover and deliver their low-carbon energy projects through a collaborative[…]

Milton Keynes Local Businesses and Communities Plan to take Control of their Energy

When the government announced it was looking to fund businesses and communities who had  great ideas to better use the energy data we generate every day, the CAPE team pulled together a great solution for better use of local energy.   How the CAPE team formed:  Dave Morgan of SmartKlub was helping many cities with[…]