Building the Energy Data Infrastructure for a City

ODI Leeds & SmartKlub Leeds are collaborating on this exciting and ambitious project from June 2017. We plan to publish, use and share as much data as we can about our energy system to start the process of building the best data infrastructure at city scale in the UK. Data is infrastructure – it takes[…]

Smart Meters and Energy Behaviours – technology and people

Smart Meters and Energy Behaviours – Technology and People. In November 2015, about 40 people gathered at ODI in Leeds for a SmartKlub conversation with a difference – this one was part of a live research project:  a collaboration between the sustainability Research Institute at University of Leeds and the City Council.  We had tech[…]

SmartKlub Leeds Tower Blocks 2

This are the notes and write up of the SmartKlub Co-creation Event held on 24th February 2016 at ODI Leeds.  Towerblocks II  It’s objectives were: Provide early market engagement for Housing Leeds to inform the delivery programme for their Towerblocks project, Open up the current thinking to discussion and share lessons learned. Inform the supply[…]

Future Energy for Leeds

With SmartKlub Leeds up and running what exactly could the future of Energy supply in Leeds actually look like? Our kick off session from April 22 included a detailed workshop using an adaptation of The Cognitive Edge, Future Backwards method. The outputs of this session are collated and presented here SmartKlub Introduction Event Notes –[…]

SmartKlub Leeds: Setting the Agenda.

Saving Carbon and Beating Fuel Poverty With a Sound Business Case. Paul Connell – Co-Founder SmartKlub Well it’s officially started, SmartKlub Leeds is now working with Leeds City Council to develop more and better community, city scale energy & energy efficiency projects for Leeds. We launched at the end of April with our “Agenda Setting[…]