My Research Project at SmartKlub

Back in November last year I approached SmartKlub with the idea of carrying-out a research project to gain insight into community energy projects. After a little discussion we decided that the CAPE project could benefit from better understanding the relationship between community energy and local government. This week I will be explaining that project; the[…]

Scientific efficiency or community spirit? Can we develop an energy policy with both?

Energy is a part of everything we do. Whether it’s our home, work or social lives we are totally dependent upon the energy we consume. It’s fundamental to our society, yet few of us have a say in where our energy comes from. We expect it to be available on demand but don’t really think[…]

Active citizens: nice idea or real potential?

One of SmartKlub’s goals is to empower people to take an active part in determining how their energy needs are met. Enabling the community to organise themselves and engage with local initiatives and government provides an opportunity to build and utilize local knowledge, cohesion and trust.    Despite this exciting potential, discussion of ‘active citizenship’[…]

Smart cities: the key to a green economy?

This blog series focuses on the interest shared by SmartKlub and myself. In previous week’s I have discussed local authorities and community energy, our third link is smart cities. My research focuses on urban areas as do the majority of SmartKlub’s projects, so this week, I ask why? In their fifth assessment report, the Intergovernmental[…]

A brief history of community energy

In last week’s blog I discussed the evolving role of local government in combating climate change, concluding that an opportunity exists for local authorities to take on a leadership role, working with partners toward mutual goals. This week I consider the potential partners: community energy groups. Civic engagement has a mixed history in the UK, already[…]

Is local government the future of climate change mitigation?

My time at SmartKlub is primarily spent on a research project to support the CAPE project in activating citizens to take lead on energy projects. This weeks blog explores the work that motivated and inspired me to begin this project. The 2010 World Development Report on Climate Change included a background paper from the late Elinor Ostrom,[…]