Ben Gallant

I am very pleased to welcome Ben Gallant to SmartKlub.  He has chosen to do his industrial placement with us as part of his masters at the University of FullSizeRenderSurrey’s Centre for Environmental Strategy.

As part of his MSc, he has noted a potentially underexploited opportunity for local authorities to achieve their goals through community empowerment.  To test this hypothesis, Ben is carrying out a research project on the relationship between local authorities and community energy projects, by interviewing many city councils to understand how community empowerment fits with their energy strategies and what resources are devoted to this.  SmartKlub are very happy to support Ben’s work and look forward to the findings.

In addition, Ben is going to write a series of blogs on Energy Governance in the UK.  His first blog titled “Brexit: energising the debate” considers the implications on energy policy of leaving the EU.  Please read it here.

If you want to assist Ben with his research, you may contact him here.

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