SmartKlub supports finance initiative for European energy projects

SmartKlub announces that it is an official ally of the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe, which enables a market for investor ready energy efficiency projects. ICP reduces the transaction costs and engineering overhead for building renovation projects, while increasing the reliability and consistency of savings. It leverages best practices for each phase of an energy[…]

Collaboration, Connection, Creation and Community – What did the Cities say?

It is an unusual moment when a company or organisation can stop the perpetual conveyor belt of daily responsibilities, statutory duties, corporate reporting and internal meetings to look outwards and ask “How can we play our part in making the biggest difference?” By talking to cities over the last four years, we at SmartKlub have[…]

Is the Distributed Energy market ready for a new approach?

The future is ever more individualised – not just for energy but just about anything. We are seeing that in the market now. People and institutions want more individualisation. Throughout history we always had individualisation with hand-made bespoke goods. That was until economies of scale post industrialisation offered mass market affordability with a compromise best[…]